Honor your body with all the benefits massage has to offer. Whatever your needs, Martha will tailor each massage treatment to fit the needs of you in a caring and respectful manner.

Mission Statement

To share the benefits of massage with all people; tailoring each treatment to fit the needs of each individual in a caring and respectful manner. To honor the body with the healing, curative quality of touch.

Types of Massage

Swedish - full body massage delivered with oils on bare skin. A relaxation massage.

Shiatsu - pressure points along meridian pathways. Shi means finger, atsu means pressure. Shiatsu is an Oriental form of manipulation administered by the thumbs, fingers, and palms to promote and maintain health. Fully clothed, no oils used.

Esalen - full body strokes that integrate the entire body; minimal draping; emphasis is on connecting the body and leaving you with a feeling of wholeness.

Couples massage -- Swedish style massage.  Candle light, soft music, aroma therapy -- a very special date

Benefits of Massage

  • improves flexibility of fascia
  • enhances venous return
  • milks metabolic waste into venous & lymph flow
  • stimulates sensory receptors in skin
  • increases superficial circulation
  • relaxes muscles
  • increases mobility & flexibility
  • stimulates parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation)
  • reduces pain
  • increases body awareness
  • releases endorphin
  • increases lymphatic flow
  • improves immune function
  • reduces anxiety
  • stimulates feelings of well being
  • lowers blood pressure